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If you have not noticed, we have been extremely busy over the past three years and we are excited to share our improvements, restoration efforts, and event functions with you.

The Caldwell Consistory, which is a cornerstone in our community, was built in 1906 and was conceived and designed by Williamsport architect Truman P. Reitmyer.  Being a central figure in the history of Bloomsburg, our facility has played host to very special events to many in our commonwealth.

Over the years, like all structures, time has taken its toll and we have worked diligently to update, remodel, and restore this great building to a glory that we have all come to expect.  We encourage you to come and visit the Caldwell Consistory to see how we have improved our facility and how we can meet your needs for any function.

A brief list of some our enhancements include refinished hard wood, hand painted frescos, and mood lighting to our banquet facilities.  We have also re-plastered and freshly painted walls and ceilings where needed.  And one of our best enhancements to the Consistory, was the remodeling of the restrooms.  We completely remodeled the restrooms by improving the space and adding new and Italianate fixtures.

We are very proud of our upgrades and believe that any event would only be enhanced in a setting as beautiful as the Caldwell Consistory.  Some of the events that have been held here include: Wedding Receptions, Anniversary Parties, Proms, Live Music and Theater, Bridal Showcases, Holiday Events, and many others.  Our ability to service our clients, caterers, and florists has been greatly appreciated.

We pride ourselves in providing a location that will make planning events as easy and smooth as possible.



“We held my daughter’s wedding reception at the Caldwell Consistory on April 16th and it was fantastic!  Planning the reception couldn’t have been easier and the price was right.  The whole facility and services were everything that we could have hoped for.  Everyone from our guests, to the caterers, to the florists, raved about the facility and its beauty. I would recommend the Caldwell Consistory to anyone for any event.”

~ Kathy Baker


“We have rented the Caldwell Consistory for the Press Enterprise Bridal Show for the past eight years. The building’s decor is the perfect backdrop for our event each February. The staff goes out of
their way to ensure our event runs smoothly.  The two ballrooms and auditorium are ideal for our Bridal Fashion shows and vendor displays.”
~ Donna Turner, Press Enterprise

Did you know…?

The Caldwell Consistory is also home to The Children’s Dyslexia Center of Susquehanna Valley, which is located in our facility, was created and funded by the Freemason’s Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Valley of Bloomsburg?
The Children’s Dyslexia Center of Susquehanna Valley benefits all school-aged children who suffer with the frustrations of dyslexia on a daily basis.  Because our goal is to continue to make the facility free to the families of these children, we accept donations to assist us in providing a local setting for our children.
Please contact us for any appreciated donations.


We would like to acknowledge a special, congratulations to John Thomas and Jack Pollard, who will receive their Freemason’s 33 degree this September in Chicago.